Experiment #2 Hand torn pasta with mint X MoMofuko

Today’s experiment is from Momofuku ” Hand torn pasta with mint, chilli and goat emulsion“. This pasta hands down would be one of my favorite pasta in the world. With goggle not producing any recipes for this dish I came up with my own way of making it. So just like the title of the dish suggests the ingredients include

Quality pasta
Goat cheese

For the pasta I made my way to Peppe’s Pasta @ Haberfield. These pasta are hand made and FRESH and boy can you tell the difference between these and the dried up ones from Coles. I chose the egg pappardelle which is kinda like a thick fettuccine so there will be enough sauce that gets coated by the pasta. The goat cheese i got was from Norton St groceries.


So the cooking process

1. Make a mint pesto ( this I simply boiled the mint in a small amount of water until soggy), at the same time deep fry some mint leaves for added texture to the dish
2. Brown some garlic and chilli (skin only) and the mint pesto in some butter and then add some chicken stock
3. Toss the pasta which has been cooked in boiling water for 4 minutes
4. Make a goat cheese emulsion by whipping it with oil and place a small dollop on top of the pasta when serving

End result:

This dish was so simple and the flavours are explosive not even joking (the chilli, crispy mint and creamy cheese). However my goat cheese emulsion wasn’t as running as I wanted but once mixed in with the pasta it was wonderful. Here is the final dish and I have to say I’m very happy with this dish only thing I would change is to make the cheese more runny and perhaps include pickled tomato just like Momofuku.Image

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