Caramel Date tart with Earl Grey Tea Syrp Ver. 1

So on a blazing Sunday morning, I thought I would give the caramel tart a go. This dessert has to be one of my all time favorite and I first had it when I went to Etch by Justin North. A silky smooth caramel brulee texture with a short crust infused with a hint of Earl grey tea and date syrup. Absolutely beautiful and I’m pretty sure it is still available from Etch so please if you have a sweet tooth go there and experience heaven.

So here is a photo taken by grad your fork just to show you how it is meant to look like.
Anyways last night I was trying to search for the recipe and was very lucky to find it on a website by tissalicious on so all credit goes to her. Thank you very much.

So when you break the recipe up you have

  1. Short crust for the base
  2. date filling
  3. caramel brulee
  4. earl grey tea syrup

So I tackled the short crust first. It was the first time that I have made one so I wasnt really sure how it was meant to turn out. Once i started you will know that this dough is very high in butter content so it will tend to be quite sticky so flour your benchtop generously to make it a bit less messy.

So this was how my dough turned out afterwards and you will need to knead it after resting it in the fridge for 1-2 hours. It will be a very soft dough so it will break apart a little when you transfer it to the mould

The next step was making the caramel brulee. This was quite tricky since the you are meant to melt the sugar in a saucepan and then incorporate warmed up cream into the saucepan. What I realised was that the cream’s temperature is lower than the caramel mixture hence it will solidify, so to solve this problem just reheat the mixture till the caramel melts again and infuses with the cream. Silly me i forgot to take a picture of it but it will look like a milk chocolate colour and a texture of heavy cream.

Next was the date filling, which was the easiest part simply boil the dates in an earl grey tea bath for 10 minutes then mash it up.

So after pre baking the dough and then incorporating the caramel brulee and date this was how it looked like after I pulled it out from the oven.Image

So what did it look like when served on a plate? Image

Ps. the earl grey tea syrup wasnt made caused I ran out of cream haha. so next time i shall recreate it.

So things that I think I did well would be 

  • caramel brulee was smooth and perfect texture, the baking time for it was spot on
  • date filling had the earl grey tea taste to it
  • tart lifted from the mould fine

Things I need to improve on for next time

  • thinner dough (was too thick and the sides was not even) might need to buy a different mould a shallower one
  • Need to make the earl grey syrup (ran out of cream)
  • date layer could’ve been thinner or food process it to make it smoother

After having two slices, I decided to get my dad to be the scorer and he gave it a 6.5/10 so I not bad for a first attempt. But I will revisit it again with a more shallow mould and a thinner layer. Hmm so who wants the rest of the caramel tart?


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