DEN there was dinner. (Conceptual planning)

So the other day my friends were writing a list of things which they wanted to do by the end of the year (kinda like a new years resolution except 6 months late), and the list ranged from having a lamb on the spit right through to watching a whole season of revenge in one night.

A few days later whilst being bored at work I thought to myself, why not try to do a degustation at home for a group of friends. The menu would consists of food which I have enjoyed from a wide range of restaurants and trying to recreate the ULTIMATE dining experience. Just like that wish that you might’ve had where you hope you had that chicken from that restaurant followed by a salad from another place and finished off with an exotic ice cream from a place far away.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no professional chef and to be honest I don’t think my skills have gone past cooking the occassional steak and pasta. So I now this is going to be a challenge and it will take a few months to perfect (the word perfect is used quite loosely here)

With flames blazing in my eyes during my lunch break I came up with a mouth watering 8 course menu. So what does this list look like? I hereby introduce to you my hopefully successful event

Den There Was Dinner” (Note: Den stands for my name Dennis)

Sourdough bread with truffle butter (Baroque)

Seasonal oyster with vietnamese dressing and baby coriander (assiette)

Kingfish ceviche (three blue duck)

Hand torn pasta with goat cheese, chilli and mint (momofuku)

Pan-fried scallop with califlower puree (Gordon Ramsay)

Pressed pork with asian greens and soy foam ( Three blue duck)

Wagyu steak with red wine jelly, char-grilled baby carrorts and triple fried chips with roasted rosemary (Heston)

Pear snow egg (Quay)

Caramel date tart, earl grey tea syrup and vanilla ice cream (etch)

So here it is my ultimate degustation menu. But before I invite all my friends over I’ve got to try the menu out myself and hope for the best. Hence the reason why I created this blog so hopefully as I create each dish and keep track of this event and to also show my friends at the end of this (fingers crossed) unforgettable dinner.

Wish me luck as I head off and tackle this challenge.

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